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Gospel Trail Group


Mark I have been involved with church and music since I was very young. Then in 1982 I had a life changing experience and met my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through much  prayer and wanting to seek only what God's will was to be for me, God showed me to use the talent He had given me to glorify Him and to do what it says in  (Matthew 28:19) to take the gospel to all nations. God has inspired me to write, sing and minister the truth from His Holy Scriptures and I am very blessed and honored that He has allowed me to do so. Join us on the trail to everlasting life. 


 Margaret I have been playing with Gospel Trail since its inception back in 2003.  Even though I had been in secular bands for many years, my true fulfillment as a musician and a person came when I began to play and sing for the Lord.  In life, I believe that God puts you exactly where He wants you to be.  He has placed me in this group so that I can share His wonderful message with others. There is nothing more rewarding than presenting His word in song and touching someone’s heart as only His music can.


 Troy - I became a Christian in 1996.  I started playing bass in 1997.  It was at that time that I turned my focus to use the gift God had given me for His service in gospel music ministry.  Since then, I have dedicated myself to the Lord's work in gospel music!  I love to play for the Lord and to minister to people through song!

Our two "special blessings" - Mark's wife, Connie and Margaret's husband, Cesar.  They are an integral part of our ministry. Connie is our sound person and Cesar helps with loading, unloading, setting up and tearing down.